CCIS 1237, CCIS 1238 and CCIS 1239 Now Available

CCIS 1237 is now available online. You can find information about it at or access the online version at

CCIS 1238 is now available online. You can find information about it at or access the online version at

CCIS 1239 is now available online. You can find information about it at or access the online version at

Registration to the Zoom rooms

Dear IPMU2020 Participants,

So far less than half of the participants have registered to attend the sessions using the 5 links distributed before. Due to technical reasons related with Zoom, you must register before the conference starts. Otherwise you will NOT be able to attend the sessions or the plenaries.

Please click on each of the 5 links as soon as possible and always before Monday, June 15th, 9:00AM Lisbon. The whole process is very fast and will take you less than 1 minute.You will only receive the links that allow you to enter each room after this registration process.

I also noticed that some attendants only registered to one of the Rooms (only pressed one of the links). Once again, I insist that if you do not register to all rooms, you are only able to assist to the sessions in one of the rooms.

Stay safe,
Eager to see you (virtually) in the next days!

All the best,
Joao Paulo Carvalho
IPMU2020 General-Chair

Access to the IPMU 2020 Zoom sessions

Dear IPMU participants,

An email containing instructions to access the IPMU2020 Zoom sessions has been sent from my personal email account to all registered participants of IPMU2020. In case you did not receive the email and you have registered for the conference, please get in touch as soon as possible in order for us to know what went wrong. Note: this only applies to registered authors, not to all authors.

Best regards,
Joao Paulo Carvalho
IPMU2020 General-Chair

IPMU2020 tentative Program

The IPMU2020 tentative Program is now available. Please check if your presentation(s) slot(s) is(are) compatible with your schedule, and let us know if there is any problem ASAP. The daily schedule runs from 14:30 to 20:30 Lisbon time (GMT+1) in order to suit participants from as many time zones as possible.

COVID-19 Information Update: IPMU2020 will be held as a virtual on-line conference

Dear Participants,

After studying and evaluating the announcements, guidance, and news released by relevant national departments and international organizations, and considering all current travel restrictions, the Organizing Committee has made the decision that IPMU2020 will be held as a virtual conference in June 15th-19th.

We will keep an “on-site attendance in Lisbon” option for those that are allowed to travel in June, but registration and modalities of paper presentation and attendance will only be decided and announced by the end of May.

As of now, authors with accepted papers need to register for the virtual conference at a reduced cost (see the registration page) in order to have their papers published in the Springer CCIS volume. 

  • The registration deadline is April, 27th. By that date, each paper must be associated with one valid registration.

EUSFLAT student members can apply to a EUSFLAT student grant that waves the registration and publication cost. Please check the EUSFLAT webpage for more information on how to become a student member. Application deadline is April, 19th. More information can be found here.

Please check the Registration page for additional information. 

Those that have already paid the full fee will have the excess payment returned. Please understand that this might take some time to process.

COVID-19 Information Update

Dear Participants,

We received many requests to postpone the early registration deadline due to the fact that many Universities are currently closed and that make it difficult to handle the registration payment. Therefore we decided to proceed as follows:

  • The camera-ready paper submission should be done until April, 5th, as indicated in the acceptance letter, and it should include the signed “Consent to Publish” form.
  • The early registration deadline is now April, 23rd, and by that date, each paper must have associated one valid registration (each registration covers the publication of up to 2 papers).

Please check the Final Submission instructions for additional information. More information will be given as the current situation unfolds

COVID-19 Information

Dear Participants,

As you are all aware, many events, including scientific conferences, are currently being canceled worldwide due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Many borders are closed and researchers are not being allowed to travel by imposition of their employers. We hope that IPMU2020 will not be affected since the conference is still 3 months away, and we would like to guarantee all participants that, in the unlikely case that the event cannot be held physically: 1) All accepted papers covered by a registration fee will be published in Springer CCIS; 2) The conference will be held online; 3) The registration cost will be returned to the participants, except for the amount necessary to cover the Springer publication fee, the online structure costs and VISA/bank processing fees. If the conference goes on as planned, any registered participants who cannot attend the conference because of COVID-19 constraints will be allowed to make a remote presentation (upon presentation of evidence for the cause of the absence).

The General Chair,
João Paulo Carvalho