Registration to the Zoom rooms

Dear IPMU2020 Participants,

So far less than half of the participants have registered to attend the sessions using the 5 links distributed before. Due to technical reasons related with Zoom, you must register before the conference starts. Otherwise you will NOT be able to attend the sessions or the plenaries.

Please click on each of the 5 links as soon as possible and always before Monday, June 15th, 9:00AM Lisbon. The whole process is very fast and will take you less than 1 minute.You will only receive the links that allow you to enter each room after this registration process.

I also noticed that some attendants only registered to one of the Rooms (only pressed one of the links). Once again, I insist that if you do not register to all rooms, you are only able to assist to the sessions in one of the rooms.

Stay safe,
Eager to see you (virtually) in the next days!

All the best,
Joao Paulo Carvalho
IPMU2020 General-Chair