COVID-19 Information

Dear Participants,

As you are all aware, many events, including scientific conferences, are currently being canceled worldwide due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Many borders are closed and researchers are not being allowed to travel by imposition of their employers. We hope that IPMU2020 will not be affected since the conference is still 3 months away, and we would like to guarantee all participants that, in the unlikely case that the event cannot be held physically: 1) All accepted papers covered by a registration fee will be published in Springer CCIS; 2) The conference will be held online; 3) The registration cost will be returned to the participants, except for the amount necessary to cover the Springer publication fee, the online structure costs and VISA/bank processing fees. If the conference goes on as planned, any registered participants who cannot attend the conference because of COVID-19 constraints will be allowed to make a remote presentation (upon presentation of evidence for the cause of the absence).

The General Chair,
João Paulo Carvalho